Hudson RPO
Kitchen Cabinet Designer - Virtual
Naples, Florida

Wholesale Cabinets is one of America’s leading suppliers of high quality, low cost kitchen and bathroom cabinets to retail and professional customers. The company was established in 2012 and today sells and designs RTA kitchen and bathroom interiors to customers all over the country. Our highly experienced team of sales and design professionals has helped many thousands of customers realize their kitchen and bathroom dreams. Under new management, the company is preparing for continued rapid growth and we are now seeking a Retail Kitchen Designer to participate in and support this growth. The placement is at our office in Naples, Florida. For more information about the company and its products, visit

About the role

Our clients consist of two important groups – retail and professional clients. While the professional clients most often have a high product knowledge and know what they want when contacting us, the retail clients are often seeking support in their first kitchen or bathroom reconstruction ever. This offers greater opportunities for artistic creativity but also places higher demands on the sales skills of the designer to make the deal. Therefore, the role requires equal parts sales drive and creativity. As we are an e-commerce company, all client communication occurs via e-mail or over the phone.

Who are we looking for?

To succeed in this role several important traits are required:
  • Passion for sales: You are on fire. Nothing is impossible. You are a true competitive spirit who never gives up and targets are for you the starting point, not the end. You have a true hunger for closing and enjoy competing with yourself to constantly break new records in your sales. You realize that the key to better performance is selling more through an increase in the number of leads through tight co-operation with the rest of our team who drives marketing and brand awareness, but also selling smarter - increasing your closing rate and order volume by constantly honing your sales skills. You have a contagious optimism and you know how to celebrate your victories.
  • A creative streak: The first step toward gaining the sale is to give the customers a “Wow!” experience. You tirelessly perfect your skills in designing kitchens which are stunning in their value to price ratio and you approach each customer request as a canvas waiting for the magic to happen. You are also creative in seeking solutions to customer requests – you find a way to solve every problem and enjoy doing it.
  • Being a humble team player: You realize that your long-term success rests on the success of the team and you are eager to help out whenever one of your colleagues requires assistance, whether it be someone across the room or across the country.
  • Strong work ethic: One of our key selling points is fast design turnarounds. You understand that the faster you deliver what the customers require, the more you sell, and you find a lot of joy in this process. You constantly seek ways to become more efficient.
  • Strong people skills: While we rarely if ever meet our customers, our work leaves a lasting impact in their homes. You respect the big investment which our products mean for many of our customers and have a genuine interest in fulfilling their needs. You are a sociable and outgoing individual and you find the right communicative style with everyone, regardless of their age or background.
  • Dedication: You are not just looking for a job – you are looking for a lifestyle. You are passionate about what you do and see a greater purpose in being part of the development of a great company.
  • Independence: Most of the other team members in the company are based at other locations or regularly travelling and this may lead to some solitary work in the office. You are fully comfortable with this.
  • Thoroughness: In our industry where everything is built on SKU numbers and dimensions in inches, one wrong number is equally bad as all numbers being wrong. You feel a strong responsibility to support your customers before, during and after the process of creating their perfect kitchen or bathroom.
Of course, you are well versed in the basics of the MS Office suite. Strong experience/knowledge of RTA cabinets and documented work in the 20-20 design software is a big plus but not a requirement. Some of our most talented sales team members had no previous experience when they joined us. You are fluent in English in speech and writing. Spanish is a plus. We have a broad approach to this position and your personality and attitude is the most important part.

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